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Office of the President of the Republic of Korea

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Into the arms of the people. We begin in Yongsan.

Cheong Wa Dae, the previous location of the Office of the President, has been a symbol of authoritarianism and imperial presidential culture that continued from the official residence of the Governor-General of Joseon and Gyeongmudae.

The Yoon Suk Yeol Government will fulfill our promise for more open communication with the people.

The new Office of the President will become a place for communication where the people can watch the President work while strolling through Yongsan Park.

Cheong Wa Dae, which covers an area three times the size of the White House grounds, will be fully returned to the people as a historical and cultural space that connects our past and the future.

Korea begins anew here in Yongsan.

The relocation of the Office of the President marks the
beginning of a new era in which we can realize an Office
that is truly open to the people.

The previous harms of monopolizing power and ruling over ministries by the Office of the President have stemmed from its spatial structure that isolated the Office from the people.

Through the relocation of the Office of the President, the Yoon Suk Yeol Government promises to be a government that gathers the President, public officials, and private sector experts to freely communicate and work together in an open space.

Moving away from the previous Cheong Wa Dae's structure that separated the Press Room from the President, we will strengthen our communication with the people and listen to their voices more intently by arranging the Press Room and the Briefing Room on the first floor of the Office of the President.

The new Yongsan Office is connected to Yongsan Park to the east and south, where we will create a space for open communication with the people.

We will install a transparent fence through which the people can watch the President carry out his duties and take pictures and selfies as they wish.

The President will join the people for a walk around Yongsan Park, with ears open to the voices of the people.