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President Yoon holds bilateral, trilateral talks with the U.S. and Japan in Cambodia


President Yoon Suk Yeol on Nov. 13 held bilateral summits with U.S. President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and trilateral talks with both in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


On a tour of Southeast Asia, President Yoon in the meetings discussed North Korea's nuclear program, economy, national security, and cooperation in regional and global affairs.


The three leaders held a 15-minute summit and adopted their first joint statement on comprehensive affairs such as economy and national security in addition to North Korea.


The trilateral summit was the first of its kind in five months since the one on the sidelines of the summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This was also the first time in six years and eight months that a Korean head of state held a bilateral summit each with the leaders of the U.S. and Japan and three-way talks with both on the same day since President Park Geun-hye did so in March 2016.


"The current developments on the Korean Peninsula and in the region and beyond require the strongest level of our trilateral coordination," President Yoon said. "The three countries must show solidarity to show North Korea that such reckless provocations can never succeed."


President Biden reaffirmed the "ironclad" U.S. commitment to defending Korea and Japan and extended deterrence against the North.


Japanese Prime Minister Kishida said, "So, it is extremely, truly timely that the Japan-U.S.-ROK trilateral summit is being held at such a juncture."


The joint statement said the three countries will share real-time information about North Korean missiles and strengthen cooperation in economic and national security cooperation through cutting-edge technology, supply chains and energy.


Presidents Yoon and Biden at their bilateral summit discussed issues of mutual interest including boosting the extended deterrence. On the Inflation Reduction Act of the U.S., President Biden said Korean corporations in sectors like automobiles and electric batteries greatly contribute to the U.S. economy and thus the act's implementation will be discussed given these factors.


On the same day, President Yoon and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida in a 45-minute summit agreed that given more active dialogue between diplomats of the two countries on bilateral ties, both sides should continue cooperating to reach swift solutions.


They also welcomed the rapid recovery of bilateral interpersonal exchanges and expressed hope for expansion of human exchanges between the two countries.


Completing his visit to Cambodia, President Yoon flew to Bali, Indonesia, on Nov. 14 to attend the Group of 20 (G20) summit. Through Nov. 15, he will attend the B20 summit with representatives from economic organizations and business leaders from G20 member states, business roundtable with Indonesia and the G20 summit.