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We, the Leaders of MIKTA comprising Mexico, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Türkiye and

Australia, gathered today on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in New Delhi to commemorate

the first decade of MIKTA’s establishment and provide guidance for the priorities of our crossregional and innovative partnership.

We shared our deep concerns on the increasingly challenging global strategic environment due

to increasing division in the world and various challenges including climate change, rising food

insecurity, elevated energy prices, high inflation, debt vulnerability, extreme poverty,

increasing inequality, pandemic scarring, war in Ukraine and other multidimensional crises

that are endangering global stability, growth and prosperity.

We underlined that the world must overcome differences to effectively address such


We recognised MIKTA’s shared commitment to democracy, upholding international law and

promoting multilateralism and international cooperation.

Henceforth, we:

- Reaffirm our commitment to uphold international law and strengthen the multilateral

system, with the United Nations at its core, and defend all purposes and principles

enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations;

- Underscore MIKTA’s role in building understanding and consensus, advancing

democracy and dialogue, striving to find pragmatic and creative solutions to regional and

global challenges, and defending the multilateral system and rules-based order;

- Will continue to serve as a cross-regional consultative forum to share perspectives, forge

mutual understanding, deepen bilateral ties, find common ground to strengthen our

cooperation, and engage in dialogue with other regions and mechanisms;

- Resolve to further deepen our coordination as MIKTA partners in relevant multilateral and

regional fora, strengthen our joint actions on global issues where we have shared interests,

and reinforce our constructive role internationally;

- Will work to enhance inter-regional cooperation, build bridges between developed and

developing countries, and advocate for those in vulnerable situations.

We task our Foreign Ministers to coordinate and follow-up on our commitments, and look

forward to an ever more effective MIKTA partnership in its second decade.

New Delhi, 9 September 2023